Did it change me?

ImageI’ve been home a little over a week now; settling back into the routines of ‘ordinary’ life.  I’ve spent time being frustrated at work; played golf with friends; performed routine chores around the house and I wonder if my trip to Peru has changed me at all?

The short answer is ‘yes.’  It has to have had an affect.  I think often about the people I met; my fellow travelers and the other adults we interacted with.  The kids, of course, and their beautiful smiling faces.  Those smiles will live with me forever!  The awesome scenery at Machuu Picchu, and the contemplation of what that site was and is.  Some tricks/tips/pointers I learned about photography, as well as the overwhelming sense of how much more I need to learn.

But did it really change me?  Before leaving, I felt called to this trip; to this group; to this ‘thing’ somehow, and I had faith that something important was going to happen for me.  It didn’t, or at least hasn’t yet.  At least not in an obvious or major way.  I had no idea what it was going to be-but just knew that it was going to be there.

Maybe what I learned, is that ALL of life changes us; and it’s rarely something big or major or obvious.  While I may be a little disappointed that lightning didn’t strike me from on high and I didn’t hear voices speak to me, I DID have an impact.  I got to play with those kids; got to share their joy and even captured a few moments of it on my memory card.  I was invited into a family’s home; shared their modest space and was humbled by the experience.  We didn’t communicate well verbally, but we connected.  I connected.  To the kids; to that family; to my newfound photographer friends; and to me and my inner voice of who I am and who I’m becoming.

Am I still living the same superficial life on many levels?  Certainly.  But deep down beneath the surface have I changed?  I have no doubt.  My thanks to The Giving Lens for the opportunity-it was a great experience!


4 thoughts on “Did it change me?

  1. I read somewhere, that whenever we enter a relationship with someone, we impart a little of our self into them and they impart a little of themselves into us. Could be this happened, though subtly, to you with the people you met and spent time with? I would say it sounds as though it did.

  2. Yes! Some “I-Thou” moments! I put stock in the notion that all real “living” is meeting in the “in-between” and only happens by grace. You’ve had some grace filled moments on your Peru trip. Happy for you. 🙂

    “Man wishes to be confirmed in his being by man, and wishes to have a presence in the being of the other… Secretly and bashfully he watches for a YES which allows him to be and which can come to him only from one human person to another.”
    ― Martin Buber, I and Thou

  3. Hey Brian, it is great what you are doing here. Writing your thoughts is an awesome exercise and specially sharing them. Keep them coming. Indeed it was a travel and an experience I will always have in my mind and is a constant reminder to cherish the present. Regards, Diego.

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