Welcome to our Home


While in Peru we had the opportunity for an in-home visit to the family of one of the students.

This is arguably my favorite photo of the entire trip.

Physically, I didn’t fit in the home. Ducking under the smallish doorway, I stood a little crooked under the sloped tin roof. My eyes took a few minutes to adjust to the low, blue light cast from the tarped walls. Looking for a place to stand or sit out of the way, I found none. Eventually I settled into my space along one of the walls.

Listening to my three traveling partners interact with the family, I learned that Mom is the sole support for she and the kids. Dad ‘lives with another family.’ Language barriers and sensitivity forced that answer to stand alone, with no real clarification as to the ‘why’ that situation exists.

Eventually, I asked if I could take a picture. Mom gathered her son and daughter with her on the lone family bed, and I clicked the shutter.

Shelter. Family. Love.

I was humbled to have been able to witness a glimpse into this family’s most intimate time and place.


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