I Bought a Car


So, yeah.  I bought a car.  Call it a mid-life crisis; call it compensating; call it whatever you want.  I did it.  I’m not sure why, other than I’ve always wanted a red sports car.  A Corvette convertible, to be specific, but unfortunately I don’t fit.  So I bought a red Mustang instead.

Specifically, it’s a 2007 Shelby GT 500.  Yes, it’s a pretty kick-ass car.  But it really isn’t about the car.  It’s about listening to a tiny little inner voice or thought and taking a bit of a leap and actually acting on the idea.

It wasn’t completely impulsive.  I did some research.  I don’t know how long I’ll own the car.  I don’t know how much I’ll get if or when I attempt to sell it.  It isn’t an investment.  At least not from a monetary sense.

It was an investment in ME.  An investment in FUN; in living life, of saying “why not?”

Cars are transportation, aren’t they?  Meant to take you on a journey, or to your destination?  Sometimes they can be so much more.  This ‘trip’ started with a one-way plane ticket with a 6:00am departure on a flight to Baltimore.  Then an hour on a morning commuter train to Philly which led to a taxi ride to finally meet with my salesman somewhere in New Jersey.  Plane, train, and automobile.  Wasn’t there a movie with that name?

Sign some paperwork, slap a tag on the car and then I’m off on the first twelve hours of my experience.  Twelve hours of city, mountains, freeway and learning how to handle a 500 horsepower, six-speed beast of a machine.

Just the beginning.  Since purchasing the car last June, it’s taken me to many unexpected destinations.  A fall color tour through Northern Michigan:ImageTo a drag race track in Mid-Michigan:ImageAnd to several locations to serve as a model in my developing interest in photography as well:ImageMaking the decision to listen to the voice, and to act on a dream has also connected me to some really cool people.  Members of my local car club; participants in car shows far and wide.  Parades-and the chance to have my photo taken with our reigning Miss America 2013:


I’ve even had the opportunity to interact with those whose job it is ‘to protect and to serve’


The car has helped deepen a relationship with my nephew, who came along with me on a 48 hour whirlwind road trip to a ballpark in Kansas City.  Which, come to think of it, also served as a bit of confirmation that it’s ok to move on with life.

Visiting ballparks was a journey that my ex-wife and I had been making together.  Until the marriage ended.  But the dream of visiting all the stadiums didn’t need to, and hasn’t died with the divorce.  The car has been a part of all of these things.

Compensating?  A mid-life crisis?  I don’t know, and I don’t care.

I bought a car.

Oh what a ride!


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